More about Eurobug

Eurobug, International Youth Work Training and Collaboration Limited is a non-government organisation legally registered in the Republic of Ireland since July 2014. We stand for social inclusion and diversity in youth work.

Our vision: ‘To empower young people to actively participate in building more peaceful communities where diversity is celebrated and every single person is valued for who they are.’

Our beliefs and values: We believe in every young person and their ability to fulfil their potential if the necessary supports are put in place. Young people are the change makers in our society, therefore by investing our time and efforts in working with younger generations we are contributing to building more inclusive societies. We believe in the power of non-formal education and we put particular emphasis on intercultural learning through active participation in international mobility activities. Our particular attention is directed to increasing young peoples’ and youth work practitioners’ passion for ‘life-long’ learning, and ensuring emotional rewards for those that take part in our local, national and international activities. We use creative non-formal education methodologies and an holistic, person-centered approach.


Our main focus is divided into three key work areas:

  1. Working directly with and for Young People from ethnic minority backgrounds in Ireland;
  2. Providing international quality trainings for Youth Work Practitioners from Europe and Partner countries in the areas of social inclusion, intercultural learning and human rights education;
  3. Coordinating ‘No Hate Speech Movement‘ campaign in Ireland.


Working with Young People: we have a non-formal ‘Eurobug Youth Group’ based in Kilkenny that also includes members from other cities in Ireland, such as Dublin and Waterford. This is a self-organised youth group that carries out various local activities within the community, peer to peer educational sessions and International Youth Exchange Projects. A detailed description of how we work with Eurobug Youth Group can be found here. 

Working with Youth Work Practitioners: we work directly with youth and community workers, volunteers, youth leaders, activists, trainers, facilitators and teachers from Europe and Partner countries through international Mobility Activities under the Erasmus+ program. Eurobug hosts and delivers trainings and seminars in the Republic of Ireland and supports youth work practitioners from Ireland to attend international activities abroad. You can find out more about the courses that we have organised under the section of International Training Courses

No Hate Speech Movement‘: Eurobug has been an active member of the NHSM since the day we were founded. NHSM is a youth campaign led by the Council of Europe Youth Department seeking to mobilise young people to combat hate speech and promote human rights online. Launched in 2013, it was rolled out at the national and local levels through national campaigns in 45 countries. The movement will remain active beyond 2017 through the work of various national campaigns, online activists and partners. Starting in September 2018, Eurobug is taking over the coordination of NHSM in Ireland from the National Youth Council of Ireland. If you are interested to know more about the campaign press here.


Whom do we collaborate with? We work with Youth and Community Organisations in Ireland, European Union and Partner countries. We organise joint collaboration projects and activities for young people and youth work practitioners mostly through the Erasmus+  and European Youth Foundation  programs. Over the last years we have created a strong international network where we not only learn from each other, but also provide support and consultations. On the national level we collaborate with:

Leargas –

National Youth Council of Ireland –

European Network Against Racism Ireland –


If you are interested to volunteer with us please don’t hesitate to drop an e-mail to For information on upcoming local, national and international activities please follow us on the Eurobug Facebook Page

Eurobug Team