Eurobug Youth Group Kilkenny

We are self-organised intercultural youth group that is passionate to tackle social issues, such as racism, discrimination, migration, gender inequality and mental health. We organise local, national and international actions and projects with strong emphases on youth empowerment through active participation. We are seeking to highlight the values of human rights, inclusion and diversity in order to create more peaceful society.



As an organisation Eurobug provides the following support to the group:

  • Training and Workshops Sessions on requested topics;
  • Information about national and international trainings available and assistance in filling applications;
  • Use of Eurobug network and connections to enrich projects and activities;
  • Assistance in organising guest speakers visits;
  • Personal one-to-one video meetings for those who requests;
  • Possibilities to get involved in co-creation of International Youth Exchanges;
  • Finding professional support when tackling sensitive issues;
  • Help with visa and passport issues when going aboard for international projects;
  • Money to cover travel expenses to network meetings and money to buy tickets when attending Erasmus+ activities;
  • Access to social media platforms of Eurobug and NHSM;
  • On-going regular support for the group leaders and volunteers;
  • ‘Check-in’ physical meetings that aim to evaluate the progress of current activities;



Young people in their own words why they are coming to Eurobug Youth Group:

  • To socialise, to meet friends, to be with people that I can relate to;
  • Because we believe in the values of Eurobug, such as inclusion of minority youth and human rights;
  • To address controversial issues that are important to me;
  • To contribute to addressing the issues that effects me;
  • To make links with other young people like ourselves;
  • It gives me voice;
  • A bond that we have in a group and with the Eurobug director;
  • Gives me a sense of belonging;
  • Engage in the activities for personal and professional self development;
  • To find my talents and my strengths;
  • To make links with young people from youth organisations in Europe;
  • To engage in rising awareness about the issues that effects young people;
  • It gives me a sense of achievement when our work is recognised and we see the impact;
  • Diversity of the group;
  • Non-formal learning approach;
  • Networking experience that can benefit my employment opportunities;
  • To explore possibilities of Erasmus+ program;
  • To help to create opportunities for other young people;
  • To meet motivated young people and to create local, national and international projects together.


If you are interested to start a non-formal youth group in Ireland and looking for some support please don’t hesitate to e-mail us . We will be glad to get you started and to provide on-going support if needed!