Meet the team

Aistė Šlajūtė
Founder and Director of Eurobug
I am a founder and a director of Eurobug. My main roles in the organisation includes managing local, national and international projects; coordinating and mentoring Eurobug volunteers; providing on-going support, guidance and training for Eurobug Youth Group in Kilkenny and maintaining on-going relationships with relevant stake holders. I also work as a freelance trainer mainly with topics of Youth Work, Social Inclusion and Human Rights Educational Approach and co-coordinate No Hate Speech Movement Ireland. All my work is based on person-centred, holistic and digital youth work approach with particular emphases of youth empowerment through active participation. My formal education is bachelors’ degree in Social Science, Youth and Community Work from University College Cork, Ireland, thus I have over 15 years experience in non-formal education sector in Europe. I am dedicated to working with and for young people as I believe they are the change makers of today. For me Youth Work is about walking that extra mile with young people towards building more inclusive society were diversity is celebrated and every single person is respected and valued for who he/she is.
Elena Furisova
Communications Team Coordinator
My role within Eurobug is to coordinate social media channels; further develop our communications strategy; publish summaries of Eurobug Youth Group activities in Kilkenny; support communication team members and to maintain on-going relationships with local media such as radio stations and newspapers. I am originally from Czech Republic and have been living in Kilkenny, Ireland for the past 8 years. I am currently studying Media and Public Relations at Institute of Technology Carlow. I am also an active member of Eurobug Youth Group in Kilkenny. I became involved in Eurobug because it gives me a chance to further develop my soft skills while chasing my passion and career aspiration in the Media Industry!
Kelvin Akpaloo
International Youth Mobility Activities and Creative Director
My role within Eurobug is to develop international youth mobility activities (youth exchanges) under the Erasmus+ program together with other young people from Europe and to bring creative perspective to all Eurobug activities. I also initiate and facilitate creative activities with Eurobug Youth Group in Kilkenny. I was born in Ghana, but moved to Ireland in 2007 and now an Irish citizen living in Dublin. I recently graduated from DCU in Media production Management. I also work as a choreographer and as a performer. My passion is to advocate for a world filled with peace, love and freedom. My creativity brought me to Eurobug at first and now I am taking an active role in developing international Youth Exchange projects that combines my creativity and my passion to advocate for a better world!
Justas Šlajus
Website maintenance
My role within Eurobug is to further develop and to provide on-going maintenance to our website. I am also a guy who designed our logo! I am Lithuanian national and formal IT student from University College Cork and currently I am setting up my own enterprise for website designs. For me, non-formal education is a great way to develop your personality and professional skills. Through my volunteering experiences I feel I become more positive and energised. It is also a great way to meet people from various cultures, exchange ideas and to explore different point of views.
Emmanuel Samuel
Coordinator of Eurobug Youth Group and International Youth Mobility Activities
I am a founder and coordinator of Eurobug Youth Group in Kilkenny. My role within Eurobug includes facilitating our youth group in Kilkenny and developing international youth mobility activities (youth exchanges) under the Erasmus+ program together with other young people from Europe. I was born in Uganda as a South Sudanese refugee but now an Irish citizen. I am currently undertaking an honours bachelor of arts degree in Social Science at Waterford Institute of Technology. I am with Eurobug since 2015 and since the beginning it has been a journey of self discovery and personal development through on-going mentor-ship and different local, national and international youth projects. What keeps me going is the story of how I got to Ireland from a South Sudanese born refugee in Northern Uganda. Ireland has become a special place to me and I have visions for both, Ireland, and my country of origin-South Sudan!
Godfrey Otema
Communications Team
My role within Eurobug is to support social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I also create videos for our organisation. I am originally from South Sudan, but now an Irish citizen, currently studying TV and Media Production in Carlow. I am also an active member of Eurobug Youth Group in Kilkenny. I enjoy volunteering with Eurobug, as I get to meet likeminded people. I love sharing about my cultural background and I believe that learning from each other is a key to having a more harmonious world.
Robert Nesirky
Governance and Policy Officer
Robert hails from the UK and Ireland with family spread across the continent and embraces being European as a fundamental facet of his identity. With qualifications in Journalism and Social Studies, Robert is currently a BCL (Law) candidate in Dublin City University. Drawing on experience as a young immigrant in rural Ireland and the invaluable engagement of youth work, Robert believes in the value of localised, approachable and youth led youth services to engage young people fully in their social, civic and cultural lives. ‘I see Eurobug as a perfect example of youth work existing as a tool for young people to critically view and engage with their community. A youth led organisation flexible and accessible enough to allow young people’s initiatives to grow to fruition with the support of experienced youth workers and a European network’


Former :

Ania Knap
Eurobug former volunteer
I’m proud to be part of Eurobug and it started with writing to Eurobug on Facebook as I was interested in volunteering opportunities, while looking for a job. And just like that, my life has changed!
David Fleming
Eurobug former volunteer
Volunteering with Eurobug was an exceptionally rewarding experience. Having been a participant in three trainings organised by Eurobug I then offered my services as a volunteer. Eurobug offers excellent opportunities for personal growth and development, strengthening some areas and developing skills that you may not have had before or may not have been aware of. I learned so much about myself and the confidence gained from being a volunteer has been a valuable asset in my personal and professional life stirring me to return to university. Perhaps the most important part of being a Eurobug volunteer is the sheer amount of people you meet from very diverse backgrounds and an impressive array of countries. Throughout the course of the five trainings, I either participated in or was a volunteer at; I met over 150 people from almost every country in the European Union and some beyond. This was a valuable and fun experience and I would urge anyone with an interest in meeting new people, learning about themselves and others to join up and see for themselves.
Diana Oprea
Eurobug former volunteer
Hi there ! My name is Diana Oprea and I come from Romania. I currently study Global Business (Canada) in DCU and I am the latest addition of the Eurobug team. The reasons I decided to get involved are: the projects, the workshops and the traveling. These elements develop and shape my views of the world, offering me the opportunity to teach other people about ideas which I believe in while also learning more about their own. Eurobug is also a great platform for meeting new people and making long-life friendships. Lastly, it fosters my personal growth and development as a global citizen and for that I am always grateful.
Laura Kulakowska
Eurobug former volunteer
Marjorie Moore once said ‘Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in’. Taking part in a youth exchange and training organized by Eurobug has given me the opportunity to strengthen some of my personal and professional areas and develop new skills, as well as improve my self-confidence and broaden my knowledge in the area of international youth work training. This experience has allowed me to meet many passionate individuals who share similar values, making it possible to engage in future networking and collaboration opportunities. Eurobug contributes to building a more inclusive society and supporting much needed social change. This is embedded in the organization’s core values of inclusion, equality and solidarity. Having a similar set of personal values, I strongly believe that Eurobug empowers me in building and shaping an inclusive and understanding community. If you share our passion do not hesitate to contact the team to see what Eurobug has in store for you.
Sharing Louose Cahill
Eurobug former volunteer
The best thing about volunteering is that I’m constantly facing new challenges that help me develop in so many different ways. It helps me take what I’ve learned in college and put it into practice not just on a local scale but also nationally and internationally. I’m developing new skills and learning how to adapt in different circumstances. Being adaptable is a very important skill for me to have and I’m grateful for experiences that pushes me to do this! A quote I stand by is ‘If you can dream it you can do it!’ and by completing my Youth Work degree in University and by volunteering with Eurobug I can see my dreams come to light.
Vanessa Faloye
Eurobug former volunteer
Volunteering with Eurobug has been a revolutionising experience in my life. It has helped me realise exactly what I want to dedicate myself to in life and the fact that I am actually good at it! I realise, now more than ever, that education (formal and non-formal) and young people are the way to a more peaceful, just, and equal global society and from this moment I have never looked back. Eurobug has taught me to be confident in my abilities and to feel deserving of them. Through my volunteership, I will continue to spread my philosophy of social justice through the inspirational, innovative, and intercultural youth exchange experiences of Eurobug