Open Mic

Open MIC for Young Entrepreneurs seminar KA1 Youth Workers Mobility project financed by Leargas under European Union Programme Erasmus+ took place on the 19th-26th of July 2015. 


‘Open MIC’ hosted 33 people from Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Romanian, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands and UK to explore the concept of youth entrepreneurship and to exam ideas of social enterprises by using group knowledge as the main recourse, Erasmus+ programme as a frame work and entrepreneurship skills as a ground stones. During this seminar we defined the concepts of youth entrepreneurship and social enterprises; explored possibilities that Erasmus+ offers for young entrepreneurs and social enterprises. We analysed which parts in Erasmus+ program supports organisations who are working with young entrepreneurs programs, focused on developing social entrepreneurship skills, shared good practice examples of young entrepreneurs and experiences of working with young entrepreneurs. We explored strategies of successful social enterprises, collected experiences, wisdom and strengths of participants and their organisations. Using non-formal methodologies we stimulated creative thinking and encouraged future collaborations and networks between participating organisations.

The seminar took place in 2 different locations: first 5 days we spend in Co. Wicklow, Kippure Estate surrounded by Wicklow Mountains and for the second half of the event we moved to busy Dublin City Centre. By having 2 different seminar locations we offered participants an experience of both- rural country site and busy city lives of Ireland.


Our volunteer captured this weeks events in the form of creative Epilogue  and blog Europe’s ideas for an inclusive society


Photo Diary