Solidarity Lab

Solidarity LAB training course KA1 Youth Workers Mobility project financed by Leargas under European Union Programme Erasmus+ took place on the 15th-22nd of November 2015


This project was organised in collaboration with  No Hate Speech Movement campaign in Ireland. The aim of the training course was to up-skill participants as No Hate Speech Movement activists and to work together on challenging racism, religious intolerance and islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, disablism and all forms of intolerance that can and is shared on-line and off-line; to explore counter narratives that fights the prevalence and tacit acceptance of hate speech and to develop local and regional campaign and education activities to make activism for equality and inclusion more effective.

#KeepCrossingBorders is a campaign created by youth activists during the international Solidarity LAB Training Course held in Ireland, in November 2015. The KeepCrossingBorders video features participants sharing famous quotes and messages of solidarity in their national languages.

Video features subtitles in 14 languages: Albanian, Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Turkish and speaks as much about the personal borders we must cross in our own minds and hearts as the physical borders that many have to cross to survive.


We also invite you to read Solidarity LAB Magazine to find out in detail about rainy solidarity week in Ireland


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